Boost confidence, increase fitness, gain independence

If you are a mountain biker looking to improve your skills, join us for a clinic! Coached by professional mountain biker Bekah Rottenberg, each clinic offers extensive knowledge and experience. Whether you are looking to improve fundamental skills, or progress into advanced riding, there is a course for you!



What’s Offered?


The clinics will be hosted in Hood River, Oregon. From 9am - Noon you will learn and practice trail specific skills in a controlled and fun environment. Break for lunch at Noon and return ready to put your new skills to use! From 1pm - 4pm we will go for a trail ride where you can apply your new skills on the trail! Find your clinic of choice based on the descriptions below. If you are unsure of your category, contact us for more information.


Beginner Clinics

Who: Designed for riders who are new to mountain biking or who have recently started riding mountain bikes. You will leave the clinic with increased confidence and the ability to set out on your own 1-3 hr ride.

What: You will learn skills such as body-bike separation, attack position, braking, cornering, and even get that front wheel off the ground!

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Intermediate Clinics 

Who: Designed for riders who feel comfortable on a bike but are looking to take their riding to the next level. Are there roots you still can’t get over? Drops that scare you? Corners you can’t quite make? This clinic is designed for you!  

What: Learn to improve your body positioning on the bike, ride over obstacles such as roots and rocks, take small drops, corner smoother and faster, and get that front and rear wheel in the air!

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Advanced Clinics 

Who: For mountain bikers who ride frequently but feel like they’re lacking the skills or opportunities to progress as a rider. Learn to jump with confidence and tackle different style of drops with ease.  

What: You will learn different jumping techniques, how to "read" jumps and drops, and how to handle a variety of drops. Come away from the clinic ready to take on the local jump park, or drop any feature that pops up on the trail! 

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Trail Preparedness Clinic

Why: Have the confidence to set out on a solo bike adventure by learning basic bike preparedness, safety, and maintenance tips. Many people do not feel comfortable riding on their own because if something goes wrong on their bike they do not know how to fix it.

What: We will cover the basics of how to do a bike safety and performance check before a ride and how to handle the most common mechanicals encountered on the trail. We will help you set up your bike for optimal riding without an overwhelming amount of technical information. Specific information we will cover:

  • Bike ABCs (Air Pressure, Brakes: set-up and swapping brake pads, Chain (lubing and shifting)
  • Dealing with flats
  • Tubeless set-up vs tubes
  • Basic suspension set-up
  • Bike issue diagnostics: what you can ride out and when you need help
  • Tools you should carry on a ride and how to use them


Need to rent a bike for a Skills Clinic? Rent from Mountain View Cycles and receive 20% off your rental price when registered for a clinic.


Private Skills Clinics

For individuals or small groups looking for a private skills clinic, we offer 1-3 hour sessions that can be booked to meet your schedule and needs. Customize your session, date, and amount of time. You decide if you want to focus on jumps and drops, boosting confidence riding over tricky obstacles and tech, working on tight switchbacks or high speed corners, or another aspect of mountain biking. For more information and to get started on a  private skills clinics, contact Bekah Rottenberg at

Private skills clinics range from 1-4 people per session.

Price per person is:

  • $130/2hr

  • $195/3hr

  • $260/4hr 


2019 Skills Clinic Schedule