The Pacific Northwest Experience

Northwest Excursions has one goal in mind - to provide premium, well rounded cycling-centric experiences in the great Pacific Northwest. Located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River Oregon is often regarded as one of the most idyllic spots in the world. With rolling hills of vineyards, fruit farms, and epic mountain views, the Columbia Gorge is also a mecca for outdoor activities. Top notch mountain and road biking opportunities exist all around, but Hood River is also known for other activities that take advantage of the wind, water and mountainous terrain that surrounds you. In just a short radius of this central location, you can find yourself in entirely different climates, from dry desert to lush rainforest, and high alpine.

Quite simply, we want to share this experience with likeminded, outdoor enthusiasts from other places. Northwest Excursions is based around cycling, but offers a well rounded, Hood River experience. Get ready for amazing outdoor adventures of all kinds in this uniquely beautiful place.


What is an Adventure Vacation?

Planning a vacation can be challenging, especially if you want to fit in a lot of activities during your trip. If your focus is outdoor recreation, factor in the added logistics of planning gear, transportation, and finding the best spots to actually do the activities on your list. That’s where adventure vacations come in - with one simple booking, most of your planning is done. Adventure vacations are preplanned trip packages with a certain number of slots available on each trip. Simply book them like you would a class or appointment, and we’ll take care of all the other details. Pretty simple, right?

Northwest Excursions are cycling focused adventure vacations, and offers the most well rounded experience of the Hood River area. As a local Hood River based company, we not only know the very best places for cycling around here, but also facilitate other activities that are a must do if you’re exploring the area. In a short drive from downtown Hood River, there is just about every activity you can imagine. We also are home to amazing craft breweries, wineries, and an excellent food scene.

Whether you’ve been to Hood River before, or are coming here for the first time, booking an adventure vacation is the best way to get the true experience of the area - like a local.


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Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, just an hour east of Portland. One of the most unique things about Hood River is it’s vastly different climates within a short radius in any direction. 30 miles to the south is Mt. Hood, with the access to high alpine. A short trip west and you’ll find deep rainforests that are classic to the northwest, and to the east is rocky and dry. This location offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities during all four seasons, and is the perfect spot for your next trip!